Friday, 12 September 2008


So I cant really do much painting at the moment as we have builders in and the place is dusty as fuck, which is annoying! (plus I have no bathroom so I smell :-( )

anyhoo I decided to use my time and try and make some Sternguard veterans from my recent winnings and various bitz. Got 2 done so far what do y'all think?

Take a look over at CrusherJoe's blog too as he's been doing the same with the Black Reach marines.. Jolly good stuff


seemyinnergeek said...

Those guys look good. I too am a big fan of the Iron Hands bits. When you could still order them separately from GW, I ordered a bunch of each of the arms and legs so I can have more variation in my squads. To stretch them further, I used the 'right arm with bolter' and and a regular plastic 'left arm holding bolter'. And the reverse for the cybernetic left arms. I think those two guys are a great start for a Sternguard squad!

CrusherJoe said...

Lookin' real good here! I like your poses, they look very dramatic and definitely capture the Sternguard "feel" very well.