Monday, 29 September 2008

Chaos Sorceror Lord, Finished woo finally!

Finshed this chappy up finally, acually quite pleased with myself that I actually got something finished!


RonSaikowski said...

Nice job. I like the colors you used.

How did you get the shadowing, is it a wash?

Ben said...


yup, basically just used lots of washes, for the main blue'ish colour I based it white then drowned it in purple wash then gave it a light blue very light drybrush, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

for the orange/goldey bits I used brown washes, makes it much easier!

73rd said...

Glad to see him all finished! He looks great, really love the colour scheme you used for him.


Vinci76 said...

as ive already said but in the wrong blog posting, great job.
what i have noticed though....
digital camera pics never really show the model like it trully looks in real life and to be honest, i feel they have a tendancy to make the model look poorer than it is and show up any little blemishes that are hard to see even with the naked eye...but this model looks amazing.
maybe its my photographic skills but if the same is to be said of your lord then he is really somthing.

well done.