Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Future is Klear

Howdy folks something a bit different from me for a change, you see tonight I want to talk to you about a super product that you may not know about but is undoubtedly awesome! And that product is Johnsons "Klear" or if you are one of those colonials it will be known to you as "Future Floor Wax"

Now this is a product that is very popular in the model airplane/Gundam/RC car world. Basically it is a acrylic wax that is used to make floors shiny and tough, but it also great for modelling as well as it can be used for many things such as:-

Gloss coats
Flat coats
Paint thinning
Paint mixing
Gluing small bits
setting decals
Shiny kitchen floors

As in the list the top 2 uses are gloss & flat coats, which you use to protect the paint job on your newly painted MeganobCrisisNoiseTrooper, for a gloss coat just paint it on straight from the bottle, no need to thin it! (you can if you want to but don't use water, use either IPA or Tamiya thinners if you are going too)
Now this baby is somewhat self levelling so you don't need to worry about brush strokes to much, and it dries pretty darn quick leaving you with a nice tough gloss finish which makes it really easy to apply decals onto.

Now if you want a flat coat you will need to mix the Klear with a little Tamiya Flat Base, you will need to experiment with this until you get the right mix as it can either come out too glossy or rather chalky depending on the mix, so play safe kids and always test on a scrap model/piece of plastic before hand!

Lately I have started using it cut with my metallic paints as it makes them a bit nice to work with, just use it to thin the paint like you do with water, tis goood.

these are just some of the things you can do with Klear/Future as it is a pretty darn sexy product, and its cheap to boot! only £2.99 or something from your local supermarket and a bottle will last you ages.

Here's a few linky doo doo's for you folks to take a look at

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Hope this has been somewhat helpful and/or informative.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Space Marine Captain, complete!

Monday, 8 June 2009

some work in progs


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