Monday, 15 September 2008

Chaos sorcerer lord (work in progress)

Been working on this chap the last day or so, really nice kit actually, lots of detail and optional extas.

not sure about the cloak tho, trying to paint stars when youre hand is shakeyer than Michael J. Fox on a moon buggy is somewhat problematic!

as allways comments/critcism/insults welcome :)


Gibbtall said...

Very nice, the "gold" looks nice, how is it done? I suggest keeping the eye on the staff the way it is with just the wash on it, looks nice, maybe a bit of gloss onto it?. I think the fur on the cloak needs a bit less harsh of a transition though.

Ben said...

havent painted the fur or staff yet ;-)

seemyinnergeek said...

I think he's looking great, the stars really come off nicely!

Admiral Drax said...

Mate - this looks awesome - I'm most impressed!

That said, nice though the cloak is, it seems a little happy and fluffy for a mean ol' sorcerer... or is that just me?

Still love it though.

- Drax

73rd said...

Now that is one good looking model, very nice indeed!

I agree with gibbtall, the gold is really nicely painted.


Ben said...

Thanks chaps hope to have it finished by tommorow..

as for the gold, well its not exactly gold as such,

I started off with a coat of Tausept ochre,

then highlighted that with Iyanden Darksun,

gave it a wash of Ogryn Flesh to pull it all together and pick out the details a bit

then did a final highlight on the edges with bleached bone :)

Vinci76 said...

fantastic job mate.

really clean finish and the stars on the cloak is a nice touch...

top rate painting.